Best-Home with you, with me!


Create a sweet & valuable home.


To achieve profitable growth as the premier global famous supplier of home and consumption products as our own brand name and offer the best service to our customers


  • Integrity
    Focus on integrity and ethical behavior is what powers our team members in everything we do. Integrity is paramount in our people, products, and financials.
    Honesty, trust, and respect are the absolute characteristics required to excel at Best-Home

  • Teamwork
    Working together to achieve the best solution is a key part of the Best-Home culture. Teamwork is what makes Best-Home a cooperative, engaged and learning organization. Individually we are very good. Together, we are great.

  • Responsibility
    A responsible attitude is a must for all Best-Home group members.
    Loyalty, dependability and accountability are all key attributes that describe successful Best-Home associates. Our responsibility also encompasses protecting the environment and serving our communities.

  • Excellence
    A passion for excellence is engrained in all aspects of our business activity. We believe in taking every necessary action to exceed our customers' expectations. Excellence is a daily commitment for all Best-Home associates - a clear advantage for Best-Home in the marketplace.

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No.1585 Juxian Road  High-tech Park, Ningbo,China.