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Our Company:


Sample Room:1000 square meters

Work shop:1500 square meters


      Ningbo Best-home Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, It is an import and export enterprise, mainly engaged in daily necessities. Up to now, Best-home has five export brands and three import brands, with 60 employees. Best-home has two business divisions of import and export. Export department has 8 business groups, 7 traditional trade groups and 1 cross-border trade group. The office area is 1000 square meters, the sample room is 1000 square meters, and the workshop is 1500 square meters. Besides, Best-home has its own product development and design team, products are mainly exported to major supermarkets of Japan, the United States and Europe and so on. The imported products are mainly high-end cosmetics brands from European. The total output value of Best-home is more than 30 million US dollars.

        With the concept of home,Best-home has condensed a high-quality, young and stable foreign trade team, forming the unique value of "with you with me,mutual tolerance",which has laid a solid foundation for the company's later high-speed development.

Our Business Model:



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